Friday, April 30, 2010

How to handle expectations!!! Mood1

Expectations - reason for tears of many people... Knowing that expectations aint doing anything worthy, why should we again expect ??? After a major analysis and self realisation, ;) I accept the fact that no body can live without expectations. Just that we must learn to handle them. Either accept the fact that your expectations will not be met or you will have to push the days with sadness. So, prefer the first one. The worst part is that you cannot enjoy whats happening. E.g I expect a rose on my birthday from my beloved, he presents me a gold ring... ( yet to happen ;) ) Still, I will be dissatisfied about the rose. Mistake is ??????
There are very few statements like "I expected this and it happened".
Simple to say but the toughest to handle... NEVER BOTHER ABT UR EXPECTATIONS!!! Just smile at the failure of emotions and move on cheerfully....

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