Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Our life, our love, our everything, the little us

1. Did I give life to u ?
Each time
When the world becomes dark
When my happiness fades away
When my heart breaks into pieces
When I fall on feet of death and sorrow
Your smile glorifies my life
Your little  touch resumes my smiles back
Your innocent looks gives me positive energy
When you call me 'amma' I am reborn with happiness again !
You give me life each such time...

My dear son....

2.  The kick of love gave me the pride that wife is best relationship on earth
The little kick you gave inside my tummy broke my pride saying "motherhood" is the best in the universe :-)

3.Just like sun rays melts the dew drops

Ur smile rays melts my sorrows my dear son :-)

4. What ever educational qualification I acquire
How much ever books I read
When you tell me a new rhyme you learnt in school
I sit before u as a curious innocent student again :-)
My dear son !!!

Crazy love, crazy lover

1. My poems are crazy on love
Just like me crazy on u

Kaadhal meedhu paiyamana kavidhaigal
Unmeedhu paithiyamana ennai pola ;-)

2. If a soother is to calm down a baby crying for mommy,
What do I call these songs which soothes my heart which misses u when u r in office ;-)

3. Thanks to those petty fights, which invited the compromise hugs

4. What is the magic ? My choice of song keeps changing while the hero of each song remains the same you ?!!

Idhu enna mayamo ?
Naan virumbum paadalgal maarinalum, paadal ninaivil thondrum naayagan adhe neeeyaga than irukirai ;-)

5. When I walk around a crowded ground, my feet can feel your footprints alone :-)

Drunken Pear

Ingredients :
1.pear fruit, skin peeled but not sliced
2. Red wine
3. Sugar

Method :
STEP 1 - Heat red wine in a deep pan, after a minute,  add adequate sugar, double times of ur tea - sugar ratio
STEP 2 - after 5 mins, when it boils wuth bubbles, drop the pear slowly into the wine sugar syrup and close with a lid, reduce flame to medium
STEP 3 - once in 3 minutes, turn the pear with spoon into all directions so that it is cooked equally at all sides, repeat this for 10 mins
STEP 4 - insert a spoon to slice the boiled pear, if it goes smooth and also red wine is thicker , then switch off the stove and close the lid.
STEP 5 - you can have it hot with vanilla ice cream or if u place the drunken pear in fridge to chill, that would also be a good one...

Check it out ;-)

Loving you and falling in love with you !!

When you go to a shop to buy flowers for your wife

, its loving her !
When you see the flowers 

And your wife's thoughts arrest your mind and heart

Tempting you to buy those flowers for her

, its falling in love with her !!!

Poochendu vanga kadhaludan ne kadaiku chelumpodhu 

avalai kadhalikirai!

Avasara velaiyaga kadaiku pogum podhu, 

andha poochendai paarthu 

aval gnabagam un manadhai siraiyitu, 

ne poochendu vanga chelumpodhu 

kaadhalil vilugirai !!!