Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Crazy love, crazy lover

1. My poems are crazy on love
Just like me crazy on u

Kaadhal meedhu paiyamana kavidhaigal
Unmeedhu paithiyamana ennai pola ;-)

2. If a soother is to calm down a baby crying for mommy,
What do I call these songs which soothes my heart which misses u when u r in office ;-)

3. Thanks to those petty fights, which invited the compromise hugs

4. What is the magic ? My choice of song keeps changing while the hero of each song remains the same you ?!!

Idhu enna mayamo ?
Naan virumbum paadalgal maarinalum, paadal ninaivil thondrum naayagan adhe neeeyaga than irukirai ;-)

5. When I walk around a crowded ground, my feet can feel your footprints alone :-)

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