Sunday, May 02, 2010

A day with aswin anna...

This is a competitive blog, yes am writing it before he writes. We have had nice times inviting friends to home and also nice times with family people. Aswin is the best friend of Kamal and my loving bro. So, the day was a combo of fun, joy and unshown emotions.My little son was blinking at this stranger for few minutes and then he simply enjoyed playing wit aswin(chatti). Aswin - the engineer, aswin - chatti with friends, aswin - the kudikaran, aswin - amma's pet animal, aswin - my stress buster.... this day made one more aswin - the jolly jolly companion of Dhakshin. Thou the lunch was a major flop and we both were busy busy with kitchen and kutty, the feel of aswin sitting in our hall was really great than "hey.. hello chatti , how r u?" to banglore. I know I made him stay extra 2 hours at home, but I also am sure that he preferred this :)

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