Monday, December 15, 2014

Dhaksh mesmerising moments (MM)

This blog is about the interesting cute intelligent funny special moments created by my little son Krish Dhakshin :-)
Dhaksh : "Amma, is cut a bad word ? "
Me :          "No dear, y?
Dhaksh : "Amma, is head , hand a bad word ?"
Me :          "No dear, who told u ?"
Dhaksh : "Then when someone says 'i will cut ur head , hand', why is it bad ? Cut, head, hand, nothing is a bad word rit ? "
Me :            "!!!!!!!!!! "

Me : "dear, what do u like about amma ? "
Dhaksh : "now you will give me your phone to play right , I like that so much ma " ;-)
Me : ??!!!!!?? :-)

Dad keeps working very busy in laptop
3 yrs old Dhaksh says "dad, I want ur laptop"
Dad :" appa has so much work dear"
Dhaksh :" appa, pls.. I also have so much work in your laptop,  want to watch many rhymes "
Dad bursting into laughter :-)

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