Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jigardanta : movie review

Simha as a villan ? As a gangster ? Well, how can this be framed ? He is an extremely talented cutee actor... Even Maddy dint work out much as villan.. Simha - is he into wrong track ?
Pizza director's first story - definitely expectations r high
Sidharth and Lakshmi Menon - looks like a pizza and gravy combo in the trailer..
These were running in my mind while booking the tickets.. entered theatre, movie started...
1. Sidhu and Lakshmi not Pizza and gravy combo.. a perfect salsa dip and cheese pizza - the hero heroine cast and scenario... when Sidhu says he doesnt wanna marry, we can feel it frm his acting, when Lakshmi Menon gets angry, we can also feeel her side emotions.. its and excellent blend..
2. Kartik Subburaj - I am not a biggg fan of any new director,  had been fan of their movies only.. Maan.. I am jealous on u, watta creativity.. is that brain or wat ? How can u think of such a story man ?
3. Simha Simha... the cute bubbly comedy actor.., with salt and pepper beard , rowdy gesture.. it took atleast 5 mins to accept this... Dunno uf any other actor could have done a better job than u for the movie.. why shd we even think ? This is a 'made for Simha' script., u were best,  a new journal.. Rajni itself came as villan and then played comedy roles.. Simha vazhi thaniii vazhi

Key scenes of movie : 1. Interval - was very much needed, since the increase in bp 5 mins before interval has to be reduced.. no clue how this story can move after interval
2. Lakshmi Menon's twist, Muthu sir training - I spit water in theatre :-)
3. What do u think ? I will leak all interesting scenes and u will say "idiot, has told the story in name of review"??

What r waiting for ? Go, book the tickets, dont miss watching it in big screen... and where ever you see Simha, kidnap him and bring him here, wanna ask 1000 questions to him :-)

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