Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stars and Sky :-)

It was 11 pm, I went to the terrace to enjoy nature and get some fresh air. I noticed that there were no stars, not a single star.. My eyes were curious and started searching for the twinkle star, for the shining stars, for the tiny star.. I kept searching , kept waiting,  my eyes were tired and my clock finished 5 rounds of tick tock.

It was almost dawn when I was mesmerized by the stunning beauty of the wide sky, The clear beautiful standard sky, wow ! What a moment it was.. I was immersed into the beauty of nature. Oh, thats when I realised, the reason I came to terrace was to enjoy nature. Searching for the stars that never came that day, I missed to enjoy the dark beauty of lovely blue sky.

Very often this happens in life too, waiting or searching for star moments that might or might not come, we miss to treasure the sweet and simple moments which are with us forever. "Live every moment"

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